Shuttle MED, Inc. offers Ambulatory Transport services to patients who are able to ambulate and walk without assistance or who require minimal assistance transitioning in and out of the passenger seat of a vehicle.

Gurney/Stretcher transport

Gurney/Stretcher transport services shall be provided to patients who are unable to walk, sit upright and maybe bed bound. We utilize specially equipped full size transport vehicles with Stryker ambulance cots to ensure proper handling, comfort and safety. This vehicle is staffed with a driver and attendant.

Hours of Operation
To provide the best care possible, our staff is ready to help your patients when the needs it. This is why ShuttleMED is available at extended hours when they need it.

  • Transportation available 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday
  • Available on all holidays, except for Christmas and New Year's Day
  • Live customer service representatives from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday to Saturday
  • After hours dispatcher on-duty, Monday to Saturday.

Wheelchair-bound transport

Wheelchair-bound transport services shall be provided to patients who require transportation while seated securely in a wheelchair. We utilize specially equipped vehicles outfitted with a hydraulic lift for wheelchair transports. Here are a few types of services we provide:

  • Inter-Facility Transfers.
  • Hospital/Care-Center Discharge Transfers.
  • Transport to/from appointments with a physician.
  • Transport to/from dialysis treatment.
  • Transport to/from chemotherapy treatment.
  • Transport to/from radiation therapy.
  • Transport to/from outpatient care.
  • Transport to/from mental health care centers​
​Non-Emergency Medical Transport
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